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Educational Service Unit #13


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ESU13 Staff Profiles



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 Dr. Jeff West  Administrator, Scottsbluff 
 George Schlothauer  Director, Alternative Education, Scottsbluff 
 Jadie Beam  Director, Professional Learning/SOAR, Scottsbluff 
  B. J. Peters

  Director, Technology/Distance Learning/Media,  Scottsbluff 

  Paul Smith     Director, Psychological Services, Scottsbluff 
  Laura Barrett Director, Special Services, Scottsbluff 
  Danielle Cole Director, Migrant Education, Scottsbluff 

  Dr. Katie Carrizales

Director, Behavioral and Mental Health, Scottsbluff 

  Donna Jenne  Director, Head Start, Scottsbluff 

  Nicole Johnson

Director, Community Connections in Early Childhood, Sidney

  Desira Martin   Executive Assistant to the Administrator, Scottsbluff  
  Jodi Walker   Business Manager, Scottsbluff 
  Julia Rundell   Office Secretary, Sidney 
  Luke Pankonin  Payroll Coordinator, Scottsbluff 
  Rhoda Frailey Grants Coordinator, Purchasing, Scottsbluff 
  Kerri Weinmaster Accounts Payable Coordinator, Scottsbluff 
  Jerry Becking  Human Resources Manager, Scottsbluff 
  Fermin Hernandez    Maintenance/Transportation, Scottsbluff 
  Delia Marquez     Custodian, Scottsbluff 
  Luly Torres    Custodian, Scottsbluff 

   Beth Rohrer  Office Manager/Receptionist, Scottsbluff 
  Arnulfo Duque  Maintenance/Transportation, Scottsbluff 

  Lucas Spencer Maintenance/Transportation, Scottsbluff  

  B. J. Peters
 Director, Technology/Distance Learning, Scottsbluff 
  Ben Mientka Internet Services, Sidney 
  Craig Hicks  Technology Integration Specialist, Scottsbluff 
  Lori Biesecker Technology Integration Specialist, Sidney 
  Eric Kemsley
 Network Administrator, Scottsbluff 


Early Childhood Services:

 Brittain Trave
EDN Services Coordinator, Scottsbluff 
 Natasha Roggasch  EDN Services Coordinator, Sidney 

   Angela Borgmann EDN Services Coordinator, Sidney 
 Nicole Bolek EDN Services Coordinator, Scottsbluff 
 Alicia Hisel EDN Services Coordinator, Scottsbluff  


    Sprouting Success with Sixpence:
 Nicole Johnson
Director, Community Connections in Early Childhood, Sidney 
 Renee Miller Program Coordinator, Scottsbluff 
 Angie Luppen Coach/Mentor, Sidney 
 Dawn Terrell Coach/Mentor, Scottsbluff 
 Samantha Fisher Coach/Mentor, Chadron 

 Kalyn Land Rooted in Relationships, Scottsbluff 

 Nora Robinson

Panhandle Early Learning Connections Coordinator, Sidney 

Instructional Materials/ Coop Purchasing

 BJ Peters
 Director, Media, Scottsbluff 
 Maggie Bernal  Media Secretary/Coop Purchasing, Scottsbluff 
    Behavioral & Mental Health  

  Dr. Katie Carrizales

Director, Behavioral and Mental Health, Scottsbluff 

School Psychological Services

 Paul Smith
 Director, Psychological Services, Scottsbluff 
 Jennifer Lopez  School Psychologist, Chadron 
 Ellen Fiscus  School Psychologist, Sidney 
 Nicole Ulvestad   School Psychologist, Scottsbluff 
 Drew Marlow Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner , Scottsbluff 
 Traci Hastings Licensed Mental Health Practitioner , Scottsbluff 
 School Health Services
  Russell Sinner
 School Nurse, Scottsbluff 

    Professional Development
 Jadie Beam
 Director, SOAR, Scottsbluff 
 Perla Ayala SOAR Office Assistant, Scottsbluff 
 Teresa Phillips SOAR Office Assistant, Scottsbluff 
 Julie Downing  SOAR Staff Developer, Chadron 
 Michelle Keszler  SOAR Staff Developer, Scottsbluff 
 Lisa Myles SOAR Staff Developer, Scottsbluff 
 Amy Trauernicht  SOAR Staff Developer, Scottsbluff 
   SOAR Staff Developer, Sidney 



     Special Services
 Laura Barrett
Director, Special Services, Scottsbluff 

 Stephanie Ryan

SPED Secretary, Scottsbluff 

 Pam Brezenski Special Education Coordinator, Scottsbluff 
 Ashley Meyer Autism Coordinator, Scottsbluff 

 Meggin Funk ASD Behavior Specialist, Rushville 
 Sara Peterson Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Scottsbluff 
 Heather Esterdahl Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Scottsbluff 
  Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Sidney 
  Vision Specialist, Scottsbluff 
 Pam Uhl Early Childhood Special Educator, Sidney 
 Ross Van Amburg Occupational Therapist, Scottsbluff 
 Jamie Selzer Occupational Therapist, Scottsbluff 
 Sarah Schaaf Speech/Language Pathologist, Scottsbluff 
 Jessica Broderick   Speech/Language Pathologist/Secondary Transition Specialist, Scottsbluff 
 Ingrid Einspahr Speech/Language Pathologist, Sidney 
 Sheryl Kinoshita Speech/Language Pathologist, Sidney 
 Jean Wegelin Speech/Language Pathologist, Scottsbluff 
 Ashley Halstead Speech/Language Pathologist, Sidney 
 Jodi Enevoldsen Communications Assistant, Sidney 

     Life Link
 Teresa Halley LifeLink-Nebraska Teacher, Scottsbluff 
 Bill Moore LifeLink-Nebraska Teacher, Scottsbluff 
 Kelli Garcia LifeLink-Nebraska Job Coach, Scottsbluff 
 Tara Ewing LifeLink-Nebraska Job Coach, Scottsbluff 
 Glenda Heinrich LifeLink-Nebraska Job Coach, Scottsbluff 

 Tina Rudy Meridian Teacher, Scottsbluff 
 Holly Widener Meridian Teacher, Scottsbluff 
 Peggy Coulter Meridian Music Teacher, Scottsbluff 
 Lori Frank Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 
 Anna Thompson Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 
 Diane Renander  Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 
 Jennifer Wimmer Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 

  Ellie Eckman Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 

  Chelsea Parrish

Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 

  Sarah Cardona
Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 

  Brayden Ryan

 Meridian Para-educator, Scottsbluff 

     Migrant Education
  Danielle Cole Migrant Education Director, Scottsbluff 
 Jaymie Hilliard Migrant Education Recruiter/Family Liaison, North Platte 
 Rosie Cobos Migrant Education Recruiter/Family Liaison, Scottsbluff 
 Sylmarie Socarras Migrant Education School/HomeLiaison, Rushville 
 Teresa Froman Migrant Education Recruiter/Family Liaison, Hyannis 
 Janie Garza Migrant Education Administrative Assistant, Scottsbluff 
 Shana Rutherford Migrant Education Service Provider, North Platte 
 ‚ÄčPerla Garza Migrant Education Recruiter/Family Liaison, Bayard 

 Abigail Fernandez Migrant Education Home/School Liason, Scottsbluff 

 George Schlothauer  Director, Alternative Education, Scottsbluff 
 Diane Reinhardt  VALTS/NEVA Secretary, Scottsbluff 
 Karen Reason VALTS/NEVA Teacher: Math, Scottsbluff 
 Lesley Billingsley VALTS/NEVA Teacher: Language Arts, Scottsbluff 
 John Einfalt  VALTS/NEVA Teacher: Social Sciences, Scottsbluff 
 Cynthia Brown VALTS/NEVA Teacher: Sciences, Scottsbluff 

     Head Start
 Donna Jenne  Director, Head Start, Scottsbluff 
 Kerry Mehling
 HS Assistant Director/Family Community 
Partnership Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Krystie Hohnstein  Education Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Maria Perez  Health/Nutrition Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Maria Pineda  Special Services Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Stephanie Reynaga  Enrollment Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Pamela Hebbert  Fiscal Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Miranda Baker-Bain Office Manager, Scottsbluff 
 Brenda Haslow Administrative Assistant, Scottsbluff 
 Jessica Rivera Site Supervisor - EHS HFRC, Central 
 Roxane Humphrey
Site Supervisor - Morrill, Mitchell, SBBC 
    Site Supervisor - Gering, CDC 

 Emily Owen

 Site Supervisor - Kimball, Sidney, Bridgeport 

 Tonya Thomas

 Coach - Kimball, Bayard, Minatare 

 Brenda Garza Family Advocate, Bayard - Bridgeport 
 Esther Carrillo
Family Advocate, EHS HFRC 
 Jane Corona Family Advocate, CDC, Mitchell 
 Adriana Bautista Family Advocate, CDC, Morrill 
 Susie Dominguez Family Advocate, Central, Scottsbluff 
 Maria Aguallo Family Advocate, Gering - Minatare 
 DeAnn Kizzire Family Advocate, EHS HFRC, Scottsbluff 
 Mindy Estrada Family Advocate, Kimball/Sidney 
 Pam Coley Home Visitor, Gering 
 Joan DeWitt Home Visitor, Gering 
 Tammy Gardow Teacher Central HS, Gering 
 Cora Hernandez Teacher Gering HS, Gering 
 Sheila Flores Teacher HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Alvera Linz Teacher HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Tara Gress Teacher WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Stephanie Martinez Teacher WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Melissa Rodriguez Teacher HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Michel Ramirez Teacher, HFRC, I/T 5, Gering 
 Vicki Howell Teacher Sidney HS 
 Kelsey Sylvester Teacher WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Regina Gonzales Teacher, Bridgeport HS 
 Paula Sierra Dominguez Teacher WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Barb Lukassen Teacher Kimball HS 
 Brianna Ewing Teacher HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Louise Leisy Teacher Aide Bridgeport HS 
 Alicia Lopez Teacher Aide Bridgeport HS 

 Maria Hogsett

Teacher Aide Bridgeport HS 

 Heidi Taylor Teacher Aide Central HS, Gering 
 Rebecca Garcia Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Tina Droddy Bus Monitor  WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Hector Gurrola Maintenance Assistant/Bus Driver HS/EHS, Scottsbluff 
 Jessica Goodrich Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 

 Tammie Droddy

Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 

 Joanne Ahlers Cook HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Lola Jay Cook Central HS, Gering 
 Lili Marez Teacher Aide Gering HS 
 Mearlene Shaffner Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Jeannette Cervantes Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Jorge Lara Teacher Aide HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Arisay Portillo Teacher Aide  WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 
 Karen Larson Teacher Aide HFRC HS, Gering 
 Stephanie Coley Teacher Aide Central, Gering 
 Margaret Scherbarth Teacher Aide HFRC HS, Gering 

 Katheryn Esselstein

Teacher Aide HFRC HS, Gering 

 Lori Greeley Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 

 Jessica Tennant Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 

 Soledad Duarte

Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 

 Anne Reker Bus Driver, Scottsbluff 
 Dakota (Kimberlee) Randels Teacher Aide HFRC EHS, Gering 
 Becky Null Teacher Aide HFRC HS, Gering 

 Ashley Hickman

Teacher Aide HFRC EHS, Gering 

 Desiree Valenciano Teacher Aide WNCDC HS, Scottsbluff 

 Ashley Walker

Teacher Aide, Gering, Scottsbluff 

 Ashley Rodewald Teacher Aide - Sidney HS 
 Jordan Hajek Teacher Aide - Sidney HS 
 Linda Uglow Teacher Aide Kimball HS 
 Cynthia Rasmussen Teacher Aide Kimball HS