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Educational Service Unit #13


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ESU13 Board Minutes

ESU13 Board Minutes


Minutes August 2018.pd f

 Minutes Budget Hearing-2018.pdf

Minutes Tax Request Hearing 2018.pdf

Minutes September 2018.pdf

Minutes Amended Budget Hearing.pdf

Minutes October 2018.pdf

Minutes November 2018.pdf


ESU13 Board Minutes


Minutes August 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes Budget Hearing-Official (003).pdf

Minutes Tax Request Hearing-Official.pdf

Minutes September 2017-OFFICIAL-ESU 13.pdf

Minutes October 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes November 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes December 2017.pdf

Minutes January 2018 Board Meeting.pdf

Minutes February 2018 Board Meeting.pdf

Minutes March 2018-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes April 2018 Board Meeting.pdf

Minutes May 2018 Board Meeting.pdf

Minutes June 2018 Board Meeting.pdf





Minutes August 2016.pdf

Minutes September 2016-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes Budget Hearing September-Official.pdf

Minutes Tax Request Hearing September-Official.pdf

Minutes October 2016-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes November 2016-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes December 2016-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes January 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes Special Meeting Feb 2017-OFFICIAL-Newspaper.pdf

Minutes February 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes Special Meeting Mar 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes March 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes April 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes May 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes Special Meeting May 23,2017-OFFICIAL.pdf

Minutes June 2017-OFFICIAL.pdf








A) August 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

B) September 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

C) October 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

D) November 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

E) December 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

F) January 2016 Board Minutes.pdf 

G) Minutes 2016 February.pdf 

H) Minutes 2016 March.pdf

 I) Minutes 2016 April.pdf 

J) Minutes 2016 May.pdf

K) Minutes June 2016.pdf



A) August 2014 Board Minutes.pdf 

B) September 2014 Board Minutes.pdf 

C) October 2014 Board Minutes.pdf 

D) November 2014 Board Minutes.pdf 

E) December 2014 Board Minutes.pdf 

F) January 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

G) February 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

H) March 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

I) April 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

J) May 2015 Board Minutes.pdf 

K) June 2015 Board Minutes.pdf



A) August 2013 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

B) September 2013 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

C) October 2013 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

D) November 2013 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

E) December 2013 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

F) January 2014 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

G) February 2014 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

H) March 2014 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

I) April 2014 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

J) May 2014 Board Minutes Official.pdf 

K) June 2014 Board Minutes Official.pdf



A) August 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

B) September 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

C) October 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

D) November 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

E) December 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

F) January 2013 Board Minutes.pdf 

G) February 2013 Board Minutes.pdf 

H) March 2013 Board Minutes.pdf 

I) May 2013 Board Minutes.pdf 

J) June 2013 Board Minutes.pdf



A) August 2011 Board Minutes.pdf 

B) September 2011 Board Minutes.pdf 

C) October 2011 Board Minutes.pdf 

D) November 2011 Board Minutes.pdf 

E) December 2011 Board Minutes.pdf 

F) January 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

G) February 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

H) March 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

I) April 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

J) May 2012 Board Minutes.pdf 

K) June 2012 Board Minutes.pdf